Food Services Department

The MFHS Food Service Program offers a nutritious, balanced, fresh, and inviting menu. Any student with special dietary needs should notify the head cook so that accommodations can be made.

Any question please call the food services at 928-781-6226.


Served from 7:15 am to 7:55 a.m.


Served from 11:25 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.


Cafeteria Rules 

Don't Lose Your Privilege
1. Students are to follow all school rules while in the cafeteria.
2. High school students are expected to model good behavior at all times.
3. No tea, sodas, sports drinks, or energy drinks are allowed in the cafeteria (only bottled water and milk and, when served from the line, juice).
4. All electronic devices must be out of sight in the cafeteria.
5. Remove all head gear before entering the cafeteria.
6. Students are to enter the cafeteria line along the east and west walls and not through the middle hallway or through the seating areas.
7. No cutting into the food line.
8. Horseplay (e.g., shoving, running, shouting, fighting, throwing food) is not allowed.
9. Each student is expected to clean the area he/she used.
10. Each student must remove all trash (e.g., gum, paper) from his/her tray, disposing of it in the designated trash can.
11. A student who wants a second helping must wait until everyone has been served once and must use the same tray. Note: At times there will not be enough of some food items for seconds.
12. All staff food requests for students for any approved school-sponsored event, other than the regular meals, are due fourteen (14) days in advance because of the time it takes to order the food items and to allow time for food deliveries and preparation.
13. Food from the MFHS Cafeteria cannot be sold.
14. Sponsors of after-school clubs, classes, tutoring, or sports must supervise their students during dinner at the Cafeteria.

Lunch Menu